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Greek OXI (Ochi) Day on the 28th of October 1940

28/10/1940 Celebrated throughout Greece on October 28th each year, Oxi day (pronounced as Ochi day, means "no" day) commemorates the answer of the Greek Ioannis Metaxas, to the Italian ultimatum which asked Greece to allow Italian forces to use the land of Greece for military operations or otherwise face war. This ultimatum, which was presented to Metaxas by the Italian ambassador in Greece, Grachi, on the dawn (04:00) of October 28, 1940, after a party in the Italian embassy in Athens, was answered with a single word: oxi! (Ochi!) The attack began at 05:30. Italy invaded Greece through Albania. Shortly thereafter, Metaxas addressed the Greek people with these words: "The time has come for Greece to fight for her independence. Greeks, now we must prove ourselves worthy of our forefathers and the freedom they bestowed upon us. Greeks, now fight for your Fatherland, for your wives, for your children and the sacred traditions. Now, over all things, fight!"

Google adsense on Facebook application

Google has recently loosened its AdSense Terms of Service so publishers can run other contextual targeted ads along with Google AdSense, but the change may be because Google wants to run their ads in publishing vehicles alongside other advertisements (like the ads running within Facebook). Steve Rubel thinks that Google AdSense ads will soon be coming to the Facebook applications Google has been slowly rolling out, especially after the quote from Eric Schmidt in AdAge : “How will those developers get paid for those services? We would like to have our ads in those applications.” Would you like to see Google AdSense in Facebook Apps with the current FB applications publishing? First you should have a face book application with hosting service. Second you should have a google adsense account if you don't have one go to google and create one. Create adsense ads that you want to embed in your FB application(s). Put your adsense code in empty html page and add some keywords inside t