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Coldfusion: Custom cfhttp tag

I was trying to invoke the below URL:,first-name,last-name,industry,skills)?oauth2_access_token=blabla When I make the call directly from the browser it works fine, but if I call it using  cfhttp  request I got 404 Not Found error. The issue is most likely related to url encoding, kindly advise how send the request using cfhttp or another method without being enforced to be urlencoded, I have replaced the cfhttp tag with the custom cf_http method as below: Coldfusion: Custom cfhttp tag : Annoyed by the limitations of the default cfhttp tag i have written a custom cf_http tag that overcomes some of the limitations. Well any co...

How to embed code snippet in Blogger or Wordpress

I had a problem embedding code snippets and inline code examples to my blog visitors. I surfed and found a simple solution as below: Create an account on After logging in to github, click on Gist paste your code in the text and select the language. After saving copy the below code into the end of your blog post, please use the html editor: Loading .... Now include the below using your html editor: Loading .... References: