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Publish to Wordpress using JSON API plugin and Coldfusion

I was using Postie to automatically publish to wordpress blog. I was searching a better method of publishing using soap api or json api. I found an excellent json plugin  that can be used to publish posts and comments to wordpress. Please follow the below step by step, this code will let you publish automatically for froma different interface to wordpress rather than using postie or email. Step one: Install json plugin , enable the plugin and then go to settings > JSON API and  activate post Step two: you have to modify the file: yourwordpressdirectory/wp-content/plugins/json-api/controllers/post.php Please replace the file content with the below or add the missing Authenticate method. This method is necessary to authenticate a user to wordpress to be able to post content without a valid session. <?php /* Controller name: Posts Controller description: Data manipulation methods for posts */ class JSON_API_Posts_Controller {    public function crea