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How to Show Content on Mobile Devices, Smart Phones and Tablets only

 There are two ways to do that, whether to use javascript or to use css style sheet. Javascript: The code below will redirect the visit to a different page which should be a mobile theme page: <script>  <!--   if (screen.width <= 699) {   document.location = ""; } //--> </script>  CSS: In CSS you can decide which part of your page to show or to hid on a mobile device ora tablet: Show content on mobile devices and tablets: The below div tag shows the content on mobile devices and or tablets:   <div class="showToMobile"> TEXT OR IMAGE FOR MOBILE HERE </div> The below css code contains the style class definition, this should be stored in your .css file on in your style sheet in the head section of your html page:   <style type="text/css"> .showToMobile { display: none;} /* Portrait and Landscape Screens */ @media only screen and (min-device-width : 3