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How to Add Facebook Like button to your website

The below script adds Facebook Like button to your website despite the scripting language used, so it works with coldfusion, php, jsp, ruby on rails, etc. This implementation is based on Graph API. Also the code below can be used to add Facebook Like Button to wordpress and blogger blogs. The settings in red can be customized to fit with your website, the code is below: <iframe  src=" %2F&amp; layout=standard&amp;   show_faces=true &amp;   width=230 &amp; action=like&amp; colorscheme=light&amp; height=95 "  scrolling="no"  frameborder="0" s tyle="border:none;  overflow:hidden;  width:230 px;   height:95 px;"  allowtransparency="true"> </iframe> replace www.yourwebsite to your website address. showfaces is set to true if you want the faces of the people who pressed on like button to appear on the like widget, else set

Disable Printing in Browser

I was researching on an effective way to disable printing from browser and I found a blog post to resolve the issue using CSS, so here is the code that was testing on Mozilla firefox safari and explorer: <style type="text/css"> @media print { body { display:none } } </style>  add this code to use CSS file or simply withen the headers of your html page. Reference here