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Delete a file on Vista or Windows 7

I have tried to delete a normal file from my hard drive and was not able to do so and got the below message:

You need permission to perform this actionI stated searching how to sort out this issue and finally was able to delete the file using the below steps:Close all open programs.Open an elevated command prompt by clicking Start > All Programs >Accessories and right-click Command Prompt, then "Run as Administrator'.From the prompt type: CD %userprofile%\Desktop and press type: dir /x to get the 8.3 filename of the file you are trying to delete and press Enter.leave the Command Prompt window open. Open the Task Manager (ctrl-shift-esc).In the Task Manager, Close Explorer.exe, leave Task Manager open.From the Command Prompt window, delete the file with del filename.extFrom the Task Manager, Reopen/restart explorer.exe. Close Task Manager.