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Ctrl Alt Shift Film Competition Winner - No Way Through

Written and Directed by: Alexandra Monro + Sheila Menon Mentor: Jim Threapleton Music: The Thirst No Way Through highlights mobility restrictions imposed in the West Bank, that are limiting its habitants access to health care, thus violating a fundamental human right. Take Action to help people in the Occupied Palestinian Territories get justice.

Why Attachment Doesn't Appear on Wall While Message appears when publish on Facebook Wall using stream.publish

When using stream.publish method some facebook application developers face a common problem which is that the message is appearing on the wall while the attachment argument which is used to post media stuff like images and videos does not appear. The main problem behind this is the format of the attachment array, you should make sure that you wrote the array in the correct way, some tips are below: If you are using .Net or Coldfusion or another programming language the format of the array and array of array is not the same so you have in some languages to replace the single quotation( ' ) with double ( " ). The array is presented in some language with brace ({}) and array of array is ([{}]) So for the below example in php: $attachment = array( 'properties' => array('Votes' => array( 'text' => 'Members Voted', 'href' => ''), 'ratings' => '5 stars'), 'media' =>

The New Facebook Wall Publishing method Stream.publish

As recently facebook stopped supporting the feedstory publishing method to publish news on users wall and application developers from now on can't create feed templates. Facebook released a new methods to do so which are: FB.Connect.streamPublish stream.publish Facebook.streamPublish I figured out those new methods when I was building a new facebook application yesterday to predict who will win the soccer match between Egypt and Algeria tonight. It took me sometime to succeed in publishing the story on the wall, so I will share with you my experience and how I solved it out in Coldfusion. As I build my applications using the work of Andrew Duckett who created the Facebook Rest Client Component , I will start from FacebookFBMLCLient.cfc file which contains the methods that communicates with facebook APIs. As I have used one of the three methods above which sounded the best as I guess, this example will be based on stream.publish method. The first step is to add the followin

What is Corpus

Join our Corpora Group on LinkedIn Corpus : “Corpus” is a Latin word meaning “body” [McEnery & Wilson, 1996]; hence a text corpus is any discrete body of text. The term “corpus” used in computing means a mass of electronic text, readable by machines. Corpora (the plural form of corpus) could be any form of media, such as text, speech or microfilms. Corpora are the knowledge base used in corpus linguistics, to analyze and study language. The linguistic processing of corpora is called annotation where tools like part of speech tagging, stemming or lemmatization are applied. Annotation also includes reformulating corpora into new linguistic forms [McEnery & Oakes, 1996]. Corpora applications are used in variety fields including computational linguistics, speech recognition, Information Retrieval and machine translation. References: [Abusalah, 2008] Abusalah M., (2008). "Cross Language Information Retrieval Using Ontologies", PhD Thesis, University of Sunderland.

Google’s Plan to Make the Web Twice as Fast

Google is apparently in the early stages of a research project that appears to aim as high as perhaps replacing the HTTP protocol, the fundamental technology that essentially makes the World Wide Web possible. In a somewhat obscure post on the Chromium blog , the development branch of their Chrome ( ) browser, Google ( ) reveals they’ve been working on a new protocol dubbed SPDY for “SPeeDY” for its goal of making the web faster. Full article Here

Coldfusion 9 and Railo Application Server

A question that came to my mind whether the new release of Coldfusion by Adobe is supported yet by Railo application server or not, then I found the below presentation, which sounds very interesting enjoy: Coldfusion 9 and Railo View more documents from Gareth Edwards .

Improving your website or blog traffic with Google Webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools are very helpful in improving your website or blog presence over the Internet. For normal website statistics the best tool you could use is Google analytics as it has a rich analytic tools. In this article I will go through the steps you need to follow to add your website or blog to Google webmaster tools: Login to your Google webmaster tools On the dashboard add your website URL as shown in the photo below: Now its time to verify that this site or blog belongs to you, this can be done by copying the verification code you see after you pressed on continue, copy the code and past it as instructed to the header tag in your index page of your website or your blog template, to do this on blog: press on the blog Layout tab an on the sub tab edit HTML, then add the tag inside <head> and then save. Go back to the webmaster tools and press on verify. Now your site or blog should be verified. Its time to Index your site on sitemaps , this will advance the exis

Object Oriented Programming in Coldfusion using components

Object Oriented programming is one of the famous programming techniques that reduces code redundancy and encourages code re-usability through a methodology called inheritance. Cold fusion has its own way to implement Object Oriented using components. Components in Coldfusion are equivalent the classes in Java. In this tutorial I will try to demonstrate the construction and usage of components in coldfusion. The first step is to create a directory under your web root normally wwwroot called (classes or components or any other name you like to call the physical repository of your components) Follow the example on the Mode component (class) If you have any question please don't hesitate to comment.