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Windows font cache service status Stopping

I was trying to install a language package to my MSOffice 2013 and was stuck with an error: Error 1920. Service 'Windows Font Cache Service' (FontCache) Failed to start... In windows search look for services, then check the below service Windows FontCache Service Most likely the service is stopped or stopping or disabled. If you can't start the service what you need to do is install the service again, if you are running windows 10, 7 or 8 this website will help you:   Restore Default Startup Type for Windows Font Cache Service, by downloading the proper restore file to your computer. Run the restore file, restart your machine. All is done. You may install the Language package smoothly now. Good Luck!

Change Confluence Logout Page

To change confluence logout page you need to edit the xwork.xml file located in confuence-x.x.x jar file. The jar file is normally located in installationdirectory [/atlassian-confluence-x.x.x/confluence/WEB-INF/lib/confluence-x.x.x.jar unjar the file as shown the below on the command prompt: jar xf  confluence-x.x.x.jar xwork.xml edit the file and replace the line: <result name="success" type="redirect">${logoutUrl}</result> With your new logout file location. save your work and then rejar xwork.xml to the jar file:  jar uf  confluence-x.x.x.jar xwork.xml Your Done!