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Beesan Creative Arts and Social Responsibility

Below are some of Beesan's Creative arts, Social Responsibilities, cooking and PE. Beesan gift to dad on fathers day 2009 (Beesan was 5 y/o) Flowers pod paint, Beesan gift to her Grand dad june 2011 (Beesan was 7 y/o) Beesan taking part in demonstration in front of the Israeli Embassy to end siege on Gaza (15/5/2011) Beesan Does her homework with her own decorated pencils. (2014) Beesan Draw of her favorite Cartoon Character. (2014) Beesan taking part in planting Pentele mountain with Byron College School. (2014) Beesan playing with knox (Rottweiler). (2014) Beesan makes the cake alone with no help from anyone. She has her own recipes book. (2013)    Beesan made her own custom for the Halloween Day. (2014)  Beesan winning the race on Byron College Sport day at Deree. (2014)