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Bing Decision Engine By Microsoft

I just found recently a new search engine called bing actually bing is not a normal search engine it is more into decision assistance engine where it assist you in making you decision for instance when booking a summer holiday or planning to go our for dinner.

Please find below a video overview of this new era of search engines:

You may access the search engine on this link


  1. Thank you for your post, even I contradict with you.
    Personally I do not find Bing as a great innovation even I'd like to welcome all the competitions in this domain.

    All the features included in this search are already available via other search engines, except the beautiful GUI - the Microsoft used to.

    I'd like to invite you to check this new search engine

    Regarding the Bing search engine I think you should check this link:

    And here a good comparison with Google


  2. yeh I still prefer to use Google, but sometimes I say it is a matter of being used to!!!

    For instance you could check the following:

    The inventors of this search the original people behind google, but I still prefer google it gives me what I'm looking for, but still you can bias google result.

  3. Dear Mohammad,

    I went through the three links u gave me, for the first one I don't consider it as a search engine, it is as described on the site.

    For the other two articles they are giving two negative examples only.

    I would stress on for instance searching for the following key word on the following link to see the comparison:

    Try the keywords:

    Barack Obama

    See the result, for Obama and skype bing groups the result for u to help u in deciding what you want to do or to visit or what information you need or require.

    For west bank Bing recognizing that it is a place and related it to travel information result.

    So it is a big hit by Microsoft, but the challenge is how to attract people to move.

  4. I agree with you that Bing "is a big hit by Microsoft", and I think they also have overcome the problem of "How to attract people"- they have put 80-100 million $ for the ads campaign and it is working fine.
    Bing is now the #2 search engine and has bypassed Yahoo!

    And I'd like to find such a competition between MSFT and Google - the alternative help people to get the best.

    I have made the stress test you have suggested to me, but I think the test has missed some factors...
    1. The Keyword is short, and I think the power of the search engine can be measured by using a long search query - to check how the search engine could measure the relevancy of the word.

    2. We should also, check the other pages - not just the first one.

    3. And we should also, check the search engine as a complete Engine: Web, News, Blogs, Maps, Images, Videos,...etc.

    Again, I am not against new search engines, and we do like to find such a competition, but we should give them the value they worth.

    Here a post I have read before about Bing "Why Bing Isn't for Me":

    Thanks for the Blog posts, and Thanks for the comments....

  5. I have made a presentation about it and I will make it available on my blog once I do it, anyway the average length of search keywords is 1.5 words, so most of words searched are too short.

    I do agree that Google has more services like blog adsense etc that makes u more attracted but lets wait and see

  6. Thanks for this huge bunch of information.
    Waiting your presentations... :)


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