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Why autosuggest field in coldfusion doesn't work with Firefox

I have faced this problem and it took me awhile to figure out what was the problem, while the same code worked find on Explorer but didn't on Firefox.

It looks that Firefox is sensitive to the structure of how you write your code, so you must well format your form tags and other html tags.

In my case I included the cfform inside the html table while I shouldn't do this I should start by the cfform then the table, please see the code below:

<cfform format="html" method="post" action="">
<table width="50%" align="center" border="0">
<tr><td class="text3">Member:
<cfinput name="username" type="text" autosuggest="#list#" label="Username:" size="30"/></td>

<td class="text3"><cfinput name="submit" type="submit" value="Show User"/></td></tr>

The #list# variable is a list that was generated from a query and has a list of names.


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Error: Write to Disk Access Denied - Troubleshooting - BitTorrent

I have downloaded Bit Torrent software and when trying to download I got an error after few seconds saying:

Error: Write to Disk Access Denied
Solving this problem is so simple:
Shut down BitTorrent program.
Go to Start and in the small search box on top of windows start button start typing Bittorrent and the program will show, right click with the mouse on the icon and Run as Administrator.
All ur problems are sorted out now and you can enjoy downloading...
Good Luck.

Importing SSL certs to Coldfusion Railo OR Lucee keystore

If you are having the below error:
Railo Error ( PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested

This means you are trying to invoke an https webservice. to invoke an SSL webserver you need to import the certificate into Railo by using keytool command. Below are the steps on how to do this:

1- use fire fox to open the webservice and click on the padlock as shown on the below image:

2-Click on more information as below:
 3- Click on View Certificate as below:
4-Click on details as below:
 5- Now export the certificate and save it to your computer with .cer extension.

6- Search in railo folder for the keytool command location, in my case it was under railo\jdk\bin

7-  Search in railo folder for the cacerts location, in my case it was under railo\lib\railo-s…

Datatables Server Side Processing using Coldfusion

Datatables Server Side Processing using Coldfusion

Code: Coldfusion Server Side For Datatables

Environment: Datatables 1.10.16, Lucee 5.x, Postgres 9.6

Issue Date: 04/10/2017

There is no warranty that the code will work on a different environment or different version.
You may create the DB table using the postgres.sql script included.
This project was tested and fully functioning.

Datatables query paging
Case Insensitive search filter to all query results.
Sort by all fields including date.
This repository does not include all Datatables features. In the code I'm only using datatables.js, but you may extend the features.

 Repository is available on github.