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Tips and Tricks Towards Having a Successful Career

This article contains lessons learned from my work experience, I would like first to start with my personal quote:

"There are three kinds of people in this world: those who invent ideas, those who implement the ideas and those who wonder what an idea is".

Starting your career:

After graduation and when starting a new career you have to start recognizing that the best person who will teach you from now on is yourself as you are not in school anymore. You must start reading and collecting experience from people around you, especially those who are smart.

Having good relationship with your colleges is one of the best things that you need to build your career path as even if your are so smart and you do your job efficiently still you need people around you who supports you and endorse you.

Sometimes you might not like tasks that are given by your manager or you might want to argue on the way they should be done. I advise you not to argue especially in your early years as your manager is more qualified and he must know more, but that does not mean that you can discuss with his a better way to implement things from your point of view, believe me this is a good credit if you can convince him.

The thing that managers do not like is seeing you setting or discussing things with people on top of them, this gives a bad feeling to the manager, so do your best not to do that unless you are forced to, also if you were asked by other managers in the company who are on top of your manager to do tasks simply tell your manager or tell them to tell your manager. Having a good relationship with your manager is one of the best factors for your career development.

Depending on your communication skills, leadership, knowledge, and career success you should expect a good move from the junior position to a senior one, this move depends on the company size and some other factors so the promotion should be expected after the first three years.

If the promotion did not happen and you did not move to a senior position start considering looking for a new job, unless your satisfied.

After the first Promotion:

After the first promotion and being now a supervisor, team leader or in any other senior position your career development race will be tougher especially with people who have been in such position for long time.

Moving to a senior position means that your nerves must be ready for more load, not only by major tasks that you are going to handle but also from minor and small things that will always annoy you especially from jealous people this might include your direct manager. If you were lucky and you was Endorsed by you manager that will be great but you have to be aware from people who might have his ear.

Now you have to decide what career path you wish to precede with whether towards management and responsibilities or towards business development, etc.

Management sounds attractive nice office with secretary and people under you who needs your signature to approve the leave and travel requests.

But management also is a headache as you will be responsible for implementing projects, monitoring systems, applying new technologies, building infrastructures etc.

Also consider that being a manager means that top management if decided to release employees in most cases you will be on the top of the list.

If you chose to go to a none management job that means whether you will open a new business endorsed by a strong challenging business plan, or working in business development or being a scholar etc.

If you decided to work in research that is one of the best areas were you can develop new ideas, but you will not be paid well.

If you decided to create a new business you will face many challenges, especially financial ones.

It is so hard to go to the destination you want, also satisfaction is a ratio of your ambition to your position.

So here you have to challenge and be into the group of: "those who invent ideas"

Influence people rather than being brownnosing:

It is also a challenge to influence people rather than currying favor with in an obsequious manner. What I mean is that the relationship between you and the management must always be based on respect. And this respect should be gained by being a person who is able to find a definitive answer to fulfill the objective of your organization.

You must find away to explore your ideas and to demonstrate to the management the benefits that they can gain out of implementing these ideas. Even if they did not like what you proposed or your ideas faced resistance do not give up and you must understand that change management is a tough process.

Being a Manager:

What ever the name was Manager, Director, CIO, CCO, CFO, CEO, President etc. all are managing positions. A manager should be able to lead a department, a project or a group of people to fulfill the organization goals. The most important thing is to give the feeling to his team that they are part of any success, he must give them the feeling that he is always on their side. He must also some freedom space to his team, allow them to be presented to others, show the hardworking and appreciate them.

Socializing with your team occasionally is very important, but not on a daily bases as there must be a red line that no one can proceed. Your team must understand the value of time.

Your team must always be trained on new technologies, and personal skills. Ask them always to make presentations to show new things they learned, encourage them to do certifications this will make them read and enrich their knowledge.

You need always to develop your team skills and try to promote the best of them, this will improve the organization performance and your team output.

Managers must avoid micromanaging as this is the worst a manager can do, micromanagement has a negative impact on your team and will decrease the productivity of both you and your team.

It is also important when even you have to criticize people try to not to offend them, the way to do that is to say "I have done this before and things did not work this way" or you could give an advise by saying "in your situation I would have done the same thing, but this works the way..." this way will avoids you developing an air of superiority.


If you were a manager or in a position where you manage or lead people, it is always recommended to give them a positive complement when they succeed in finishing a task or coming up with a creative idea. If they make mistakes you must understand that those who don't work don't make mistakes, try to correct their mistakes without letting them feel miserable to keep their motivation. Don't be poised towards females or males, make your best to control your feelings as we are humans at the end of the day.


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