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Arab Spring Lessons Learned

Arab Revolutions against the dictatorship regimes in Tunisia and then Egypt and the success in forcing Ben Ali and Mubarak to step down inspired Arab Nations and encouraged uprisings in Yemen, Syria, Bahrain and other countries.

I believe more regimes will fall down sooner or later as those dictators has no ethics.

what I'm blogging here about is not the Arab Countries it is how the Israeli Youth were inspired by the Arab Youth Revolution (Arab Spring).

In Israel most of the government budget goes to the Military and  Illegal settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Israeli Youth are facing financial difficulties to rent or mortgage finance. Those Israeli youth serve in the army pay tax work for long hours and suffer out this miserable financial situation.

A simple question was raised by those youth. Why we pay tax and secure those who live in illegal  settlements , don't serve in the army, don't pay tax and don't even work?

Israeli youth started the upraising with…